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We’re busy working on saving the planet – and your closet – by helping you ditch the fast fashion diet to embrace the Slow Fashion Movement. Check out the latest to see what we’re up to and how what we’re doing – with your support – is making a difference!

5 Reasons to Ditch Flimsy Foam Cups

Every girl has wondered at least a million times why those annoying foam cups in bras and bathing suits even exist! We want our bits covered, but does it really have to be that frustrating and noticeable?! The answer is NO, absolutely not because not only are those foam cups taking too much from you, but they’re taking too much of a toll on the planet. Here’s why foam cups gotta go! There’s a sustainable and fashionable alternative  Wait no longer, the solution we have all been waiting for is here and they’re called Bits Blockers. Call to Action ® Clothing has got you covered with this patent-pending technology that not only highlights your natural curves while keeping your bits...

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Taking Fierce Instagram Pictures

Let’s cut to the chase. We all love capturing our daily fits and having fun little photoshoots. Getting to show them off on Instagram is a great way to show your style and vibe through fashionable snapshots! If you’re looking for a way to spice up those Instagram photoshoots, here’s some pointers on how to feel your best while looking your best! Wear clothes that show off your natural curves  Wearing C2A clothing brings out your organic beauty and encourages the addition of any accessory to highlight your individuality! C2A clothing brings versatility to your wardrobe and your outfits that allow for unique photos and poses. Noone will scroll past your photos when you’re wearing clothing that is fashionable, sustainable,...

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Overpacking is Overrated

If you're like us, hearing “vacation” is synonymous with overpacking. However, to pack for any vacation, there are truly only a few things you need to have for the best time, wherever your destination may be. Here is your ultimate guide to packing less without the stress! A versatile top for all your adventures   This is the perfect way to avoid having to dig to the bottom of your suitcase, trying everything on, and still not knowing what to wear! Any one of Call to Action’s tops is perfect for mixing and matching, dressing up or down, showing off your style expertise, and highlighting those beautiful curves. Whether you are dressing for the airport, lounging by the pool, hiking...

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