Our Story

Who is Call to Action Clothing?

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C2A is a designer clothing brand that’s making a difference on this planet by simultaneously supporting women’s bodies and the environment.

Eco-sustainability and positive environmental impact don’t have to be at odds with fit, fashion and feeling fabulous.

We’re making big changes in the way the clothing industry does things so we can preserve and protect this beautiful planet and its beautiful people.

And we are constantly looking for ways to be better humans, environmentalists, designers and philanthropists. Learn more about how we answered our first Call to Action.

Meet Our Founders

Jill Palese

My big passions are design + living a life in motion.  Growing up as an ice dancer, I lived in Spandex and fell in love with how the fiber functioned on the body.  To me, being in motion meant music, movement, strength and creativity; clothing that demanded function + beauty. I taught myself how to make skating outfits for me and clothing for friends; it became the pathway to studying fashion design and a career as a swimwear designer for major brands for more than 20 years.  

My life in motion means skiing with my family, 12-hour flight to a meeting, a walk in the woods with friends, train trip between Boston and New York City, riding a horse, doing yoga, having 10 minutes to pack for a weekend getaway and business trip combo.  To me, living life in motion means making time for what is important, finding a way to sandwich an activity into a busy life, from studio, to appointment, to outside.  I believe that clothing must offer function + beauty, and offer more than one purpose, performing through a long, beautiful, happy life. 

I am fiercely committed to The Slow Fashion Movement: long-lasting clothing, produced as gently on the environment as possible.  Clothing that is meant to be used often and loved forever.  It is the opposite of disposable, fast fashion. 

At this point in time, I firmly believe that any company, entrepreneur, builder, designer or person creating something new must work toward sustainability and supporting mother nature as much as possible.  By working together, we can keep our world a place for living a beautiful life in motion.  This is my Call to Action. 

Jill and Dan

Dan Rakauskas

My approach to life is pretty simple: get a little bit better every day.  This means listening to a Ted Talk while I walk my dog, spending 2 days at a USA Hockey coaching seminar, listening while my kids educate me on gender identities, debating the advantages/disadvantages of growing up poor but loved, spending 4 years getting an MBA at night while working full time, soaking up whatever knowledge I can from the amazing founders I’ve been lucky enough to work with, constantly working to be a better father, listening and not judging opposing political views, and challenging myself to learn a brand new industry like fashion.

I also feel that you need to enjoy the ride.  As Ferris Bueller once said: “Life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop and look around once in a while you could miss it”.  So go spend more time with your family or take that trip you’ve been putting off or reach out to an old friend or learn a new skill or try to make a difference in someone’s life.

I firmly believe we should try our best to leave this planet a better place than we found it.  I discovered I cared about the planet at age 10 when a town not bordering us drained most of the water from our local reservoir.  We made our own signs and walked out to the middle of what was once our lake to protest which gained the attention of the local news helping us eventually fix our water problems.    I recall owning “dump duty” growing up where we threw anything and everything into a landfill.  Now I have 7 containers to separate all the recycleables coming out of my house.  So we’re making some progress but much more needs to be done.

My call to action is to build a clothing brand which sets an example for others to follow by embracing slow fashion, constantly working to lessen clothing’s impact on our environment and generally being a good corporate citizen.